Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Irish judge orders Twitter to remove defamatory Twitter profile

In The Irish Times Ray Managh said:
"Twitter International was directed by a High Court judge in Dublin today to remove from the internet “grossly defamatory and offensive sexually related pictures and tweets” about an Irish schoolteacher. 
Mr Justice Michael White ordered Twitter International, which has its registered address at Pearse Street, Dublin, to immediately take down the offensive material contained in a profile associated with the woman. 
Judge White said the court would make no comment on the liability of Twitter which had previously indicated it simply facilitates members of the public to engage in discourse over the internet. 
Twitter had denied liability for posting of the pictures and tweets. The judge told barrister Shannon Michael Haynes, counsel for the woman, that while the proceedings had been heard in public he would direct that the profile complained of should not be identified by the media."

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