Wednesday, 18 December 2013

How to report Twitter abuse and violations


Here are the basic steps any person concerned should take:
"Where an individual is being abused: “Twitter can only accept reports from the individual directly involved in the abusive situation, or their legal representation. We encourage people to file reports of abuse so we that we can investigate the situation and take action if necessary,” quoted by Twitter.
Report Abusive User by registering information here.

Violation of copywright and abusive content

To report both abusive content and unauthorised use of copyrighted and trademarked material, click here to access information on how to reporting accounts.


In the first instance contact the police where defamation/libel has occurred. At the same time you should report the account using the ‘Report Abusive User’ link provided above, and also request its removal via the links on the ‘How to report violations page’.

If you go down the copyrighted materials route, here is the information you require. You should say: “I am reporting on behalf of the rights holder, as their authorised representative.

Name of Rights Holder: Chris Shea. Your relationship to the rights holder: Colleague… if they ask for this information. We haven’t raised a trademark complaint on Twitter before and therefore don’t know what other questions are asked once you get into the form. Hopefully the information in this table should cover it.

Further reading and information

Further information from Twitter support page on dealing with online abuse here.

Twitter advice on safety and security here.

BBC guide to the law for Twitter users here.

BBC guides to what you can and can't say on Twitter here.

News surrounding defamation and libel in the Financial Times here

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