Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Paul Tweed talks about the Northern Ireland legal economy, international mediation and media law

In a feature on Ulster Business Magazine Paul Tweed talks about the state of the Northern Ireland legal economy and how his firm has prospered in tough times; international mediation and then his specialisation, media law.
You’d be forgiven for thinking one who does would be working behind a mahogany desk in a palatial office in Los Angeles or London, his every call screened by an army of assistants. 
Instead, Paul Tweed, the senior partner of Johnsons Solicitors, works from a functional building on Belfast’s Wellington Place, which, on the unusually hot day I meet him, has the windows wide open to the traffic noise below to keep cool. His direct line rings at regular intervals. He pours his own coffee. And the desk is so covered in papers I can’t guess what it’s made of, but I’d bet its not mahogany.