Media Law Northern Ireland is a team of legal bloggers who want to promote a public understanding of the law, with a specific focus on media, internet and social networking law. None of the writing on this blog or elsewhere constitutes legal advice. We are always mindful of any duties to the court, any client and interested parties and we use the blog to publish useful legal information and to direct people to original material.

As media law professionals, we span the legal spectrum. Our strength lives by that diversity and full-picture approach. Our team includes the impartial voice of the barrister and solicitor-advocate. The objective analysis of the legal academic. And the partisan jostling of the journalist, free speech advocate and social activist. By this rich diversity Media Law NI aims to provide a full-picture analysis of the law.

Media Law NI is an online space and forum to track, discuss and lead on issues relating to media and internet law around the world, with a specific and special focus on Northern Ireland. We are unashamed advocates of free speech. The aim for the blog is to promote a public understanding of the law, be an agitator for libel reform and to encourage sensible judicial and policing responses to media, social networking and online activity.

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