Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Paul Tweed to launch JAMS Ireland

Martin McGuinness with Taoiseach Enda Kenny and PM David Cameron
Former IRA commander Martin McGuinness attended the State Banquet hosted by Queen Elizabeth. The Irish Times wrote:
"Had you asked anyone of a certain generation in Northern Ireland if they could ever see the Queen of England and Martin McGuiinness sitting down to have dinner you'd have been told to 'Get Your  Head Seen.'
On this occassion, Paul Tweed (@Paul_Tweed) has announced his intention to launch JAMS Ireland, specialising in finding solutions for political and diplomatic disputes within Ireland and across the globe. The Company will have facilities in Belfast and Dublin and will bring together a panel of experts including Brian Mawhinney (former Northern Ireland Minister) and Paul O'Higgins SC (Chairman - Irish Bar Council).
Paul Tweed said:
"It is my idea to highlight how Northern Ireland mediated its way out of the troubles and utilise Ireland's geographical location, its neutrality and its reputation as an international business location."
He also said:
"In my experience if you can get the right people around the table and start talking, then you can probably find some common ground to start with. It is about creating the environment to move forward, building trust and finding a solution."
More information omn JAMS Ireland here. Irish Times report on the launch of JAMS Ireland here.

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