Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Blindfolding the public on libel reform

This is the problem we see time and time again: lawyers gag journalists, and in doing so they blind the general public.
We reported on the Sunday Politics NI debate here. The segment presented both the assenting and dissenting views on the matter of libel reform in Northern Ireland, (from Lord Bew and Paul Tweed respectively). We covered both sides of the debate and gave a full and equal airing to Lord Bew and Paul Tweed. However in the video above and here, Paul Tweed has decided to edit out those people who support libel reform and oppose his view. He has decided to presented an entirely one sided view.

This is a matter for concern. The public can view the Sunday Politics NI debate for only 7 days after the initial broadcast. Thereafter it will be removed from the public domain. The Paul Tweed edited version is on YouTube and will remain there until the day he decides to remove it. By this avenue of debate the public has been blindfolded.

He has given his airing to the public, but in doing so has screened out those voices that don't suit his agenda. Is that right? We support free speech and advocate that all voices be heard.

Paul's video coverage here. Our coverage here.

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