Thursday, 13 February 2014

Investigative journalism threatened by oppressive libel laws

In an article in the Belfast Telegraph, 'The pressing dangers facing investigative journalism' here, Paul Connolly said:
"A toxic cocktail of declining budgets, oppressive libel laws, especially in Northern Ireland and the Republic, and fragmentation/disruption of audiences are all combining to undermine the fine UK and Irish tradition of investigative reporting. Not necessarily fatally, but there are undoubted pressures."
On January 23 2014 the BBC hosted, 'Investigative Journalism: Present and Future,' an event that explored the role and value of investigative journalism. Paul Connolly said of the event, and again noted the effect of libel law:
"Much debate centred on the nature of the threat to investigative reporting by crumbling media business models and the chilling effect of regulation and libel.
Paul Connolly in full here.

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