Friday, 21 June 2013

Northern Ireland Social Media Guidelines to be published by the end of Summer 2013

Barra McGrory QC, Director of the PPS for Northern Ireland
On May 14 2013 we learnt through Niall McCracken on The Detail that the Northern Ireland Public Prosecution Service is drafting interim social media guidance specific to Northern Ireland.

However, no dates were given for when the Northern Ireland legal document would be published. Then coincidentally on June 20 2013, the Crown Prosecution Service for England and Wales published full and final social media prosecution guidelines.

Following the publication of full guidance in England and Wales I then asked the PPS when we can expect the publication of the interim social media guidelines for Northern Ireland. I received the following response from a PPS spokesperson:
"Northern Ireland guidelines are currently under development and it is anticipated that these will be published by the end of the summer."
When published, the interim guidance document will be accompanied by a period of public consultation. This will then lead on to either, full guidance or new legislation. It is highly unlikely that new law would be produced as there is enough on the statute book to prosecute mis-users as it currently stands.

Conall McDevitt of the SDLP said on Friday 22 2013 in a communication that he favoured social media prosecution guidance specific to Northern Ireland.

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